Glow in the dark products made in South Africa


  • Specialised Acrylic Paints for Marbling and Pouring Arts
  • Surfactant for Marbling
  • Flow Control and Cell Former for Acrylic Pouring Art


Bastion Paint has worked with one of the Worlds' leading marbling artists, Larissa Don, to formulate and test a range of paints suited to the marbling of paper and numerous types of fabric.

Larissa has endorsed our paints and uses them daily to achieve her remarkable creations.

You can buy Marbling Acrylics and Marbling Surfactant directly from us but if you need marbling kits, supplies or marbled apparel contact Larissa at: or send her a What's App: +27 73 638 6251.

You can also use this link which is updated weekly with new marbling pictures and information.

Our marbling paint range consists of the following:

  • Marbling Acrylic Paints - conventional colors
  • Metallic Acrylic Paints 
  • Bright Neon/UV Paints 
  • Surfactant for Marbling (add to paints to increase their spread)

Our Permanent Metallic Paints and Bright Neon/UV Paints are sold for general applications but have also been optimised for marbling. 

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Metallic Paints                     Bright Neon/UV Paints


  • Our high quality Marbling & Pouring Acrylic Paints are perfect for Acrylic Pouring.
  • Create specialised works using our Metallic Paints or Bright Neon/UV Paints.
  • Use our Flow Control to get the perfect flow without impacting the paint strength or performance (often mixed in 1:1 ratio with our paints).
  • Add our Cell Former to achieve cells, feather streaks & borders.
  • Finish off with an application of our glossy Clear Top Coat, Pearl Top Coat, Silver Sparkle Paint or Glitter Paint.
  • And finally we have a wide range of general Arts and Crafts products to enhance you creations. These include Pearlescent, Metallic and Glow-in-the-dark Pigments, Durable Glitter Powders, Liquid Colourants, Acrylic Paint Thickener and Acrylic Paste.

The best place to view all these products is at our On-line Shop. You don't have to buy on-line if you prefer to deal with a sales person but the shop gives prices and pictures of each product.


This product range consists of 14 strong conventional paint colours. Although these acrylic paints can be used for normal arts and crafts applications they have been specifically formulated for marbling and pouring processes.

The colour range consists of colours tinted with inorganic oxide pigments as well as colours tinted with organic dyes. 

 Black  Charcoal Grey  Dark Brown  Bright Yellow  Yellow Oxide  

Bright Red Red Oxide  Maroon Oxide  Deep Green  Deep Blue  

 Deep Purple  Turquoise  Orange Oxide and White

(Text colours are only approximate representations of the paint colours)

Red Oxide is a deep rusty red colour. Maroon Oxide is a deep red-brown with a very slight hint of blue. Dark brown is a classic brown colour.

There are no Pastel Shades available as marbling artists usually require strong colours. To create lighter colours you can mix any colours with our White but we also supply a concentrated White Pigment Dye that can be mixed into any of the colours.