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We import a small range of cosmetic pigments that are ideal for small home type manufacturing of skin contact products including cosmetics, personal care products slime and bath bombs.

All are approved for use in external skin application products. Some have application restrictions so not all are approved for eye and lip cosmetics. 

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Cosmetic Pearlescent Pigments (Metallic)

Available in: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Malachite, Emerald, Sapphire

Suitable for all cosmetic products including lip products and eye makeup. 

Can be used in water based, oil based and high solvent content products.

Cosmetic Diamond Pearlescent Pigments

Beautiful pigments based on glass that are used to create an elegant sparkle. 

Available in Gold and Silver

Suitable for all cosmetic products including lip products but excluding eye makeup. 

Can be used in water based, oil based and high solvent content products.

Cosmetic Mica Based Glitter - Rainbow
Suitable for all normal cosmetic and personal care products including lip and eye makeup products.
New generation, environmentally friendly glitter substitute that is not based on plastic.
Beautiful flakes that are a cross between an XXL Pearlescent Pigment and a conventional glitter.
Translucent flakes which sparkle silver and pastel colours.

Cosmetic Bright Neon Pigments

Suitable for all cosmetic products excluding eye makeup. Only Fluorescent Yellow is not suitable for lip products, the other colours can be used in lip products. 

Can be used in water based and oil based products but not in products with a very high solvent content.

Water-Soluable Food & Cosmetic Colourant

In the powder form many of the colourants appear to be a completely different colour to the colour they develop when dissolved in water. For this reason we included a picture of the powders and of the colours that they develop in water. 
1 x 50g unit of these colouring powders has about the equivalent colouring power of 23 liquid food colouring bottles each of 35ml.

Identification and approval of Food Colourants

  • Approved for food and personal care product applications.
  • All chemically pure colouring pigments and colourants are assigned a Colour Index number. This identifies the substance but does not indicate where and how they can be used. 
  • E numbers are codes for chemicals which can be used as food additives for use within the European Union and Switzerland. They are commonly found on food labels throughout the European Union. They are also suitable for use in cosmetic and other personal care products. As South Africa applies the European standard they are suitable for use in food and cosmetics/personal care products in South Africa. Foods that contain them should have the E-number included in the list of ingredients.
  • In the United States, FD&C numbers (which indicate that the FDA has approved the colourant for use in foods, drugs and cosmetics) are given to approved synthetic food dyes that do not exist in nature. Not all of these colourants have an FD&C number and those without one should not be used in foods exported to the USA. 
  • These colourants are both Kosher and Halal certified.

Colour Shift Pearlescent Pigments, Photochromic Pigments and Thermochromic Pigments have very limited cosmetic applications.

Colour Shift Pearl Pigments
Also known as: Chameleon Pigments, Colour Shift Pigments  & Colour Travel Pigments
Create unique effects in Resin Art, Crafts, Slime and Nail Products.