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Street Numbers that glow-in-the dark

and also reflect light


Lots of people ask us for Glow-in-the-dark Paint to paint street numbers. But then they usually can't find stencils or just don't have the time to paint. We thus developed Glow-in-the-dark Street Numbers................and I must add that we use a special technique to make these glow really brightly. Then we added an extra feature: When a vehicle light shines directly onto the numbers it is no longer dark thus the glow is not visible so we made them REFLECTIVE too.

 Provide you put them in quite a dark spot, anybody driving past at night will see the green glow but if they shine their headlights onto the number directly  they will see an eye-catching silver-white reflection like that from Reflective Tape. They are also very visible during the day.

Why you should buy them:

Numerous orders have been from Security and Neighbourhood Watch organisations. Both have concerns that it is often hard to find the correct house at night. But we think they are just super cool and will help you stop your Uber in the correct place at 3am.

Also wonderful for birthday parties:   2 1   .......and they last forever

At last, a unique finished product that is not imported from China.

We use a multi-laminate process to manufacture these highly durable street numbers.