Bastion paint

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  • Specialised Acrylic Paints for Marbling and Pouring Arts
  • Gel Powder, Fixative Powder and Spreading Agent for Marbling
  • Flow Control and Cell Formers for Acrylic Pouring Art


Bastion Paint has worked with one of the Worlds' leading marbling artists, Larissa Don, to formulate and test a range of paints suited to the marbling of paper and numerous types of fabric.

Larissa has endorsed our paints and uses them to achieve her remarkable creations.

We sell Marbling Acrylic Paints and the other chemical products required for marbling. These include Gel Powder, Fixative Powder and Surfactant.

If you email us we will send you our BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MARBLING or download it as a pdf from this web page. 

Our marbling paint range consists of the following:

  • Marbling Acrylic Paints
  • Fixative Powder for Marbling
  • Gel Powder for Marbling 
  • Spreading Agent (can be added to Marbling Paints to increase their spread).
  • Our Metallic Paints and Bright Neon UV Paints are also suitable for Marbling. 


High Quality Products for Acrylic Pouring Art also known as Fluid Art. Suitable for almost all acrylic pouring techniques.

Traditional Pouring Techniques: These include flip cup pours, straight pours, dirty pours, puddle pours, ring pours, marble pours, dipping pours, open cup pours, kiss pours, string and chain pull pours, split cup pours, swipes, Dutch pours and others. These techniques require our Original Flow Control, Acrylic Pouring Paints and our Silicone Oil or Turbo Cell when cells are required.

Modern Techniques: These use a Cell Activator and include Blooms, Swipes and sometimes Dutch Pours. These techniques require our Cell Activator Flow Control, Original Flow Control and Acrylic Pouring Paints. Cells are created without oily additives or residues.

Durable pure acrylics for interior and exterior art. 25 strong, lightfast (non-fading) colours. These paints are specifically optimised for Pouring Art.

Medium body paints i.e. thicker than normal wall paint but not thick like heavy body paint in a tube. All colours in the range have the same viscosity (thickness) so for basic techniques you can pre-mix them all with the same ratios of Flow Control Medium and water.

All you need is our paints, Flow Control and Turbo Cell.

Acrylic Pouring Starter Pack Small consists of:

1 Litre of  Pouring Acrylic Paints (various colours)
1 Litre Flow Control Medium
30ml Turbo Cell

 Acrylic Pouring Starter Pack Large consists of:

5 Litre of  Pouring Acrylic Paints (various colours)

5 Litres Flow Control Medium
100ml Turbo Cell


Our  Metallic Paints and Bright Neon/UV Paints are also used in Acrylic Pouring.

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