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 We stock a wide range of pigments (in powder form and liquid suspensions).

The most common applications are in resins (resin art, resin jewellery, river tables etc.) but they are also used in many other mediums. 

Pearlescent Pigment Powders

  • Colour Pearlescent Pigments with a metallic appearance. 
  • 18 pigments all suitable for interior and exterior use (non-fading).
  • Can be used in almost all clear mediums.

Interference Pearlescent Pigments 

  • Translucent Pearlescent Pigments used to create pearl and marble effects. 
  • All suitable for interior and exterior use (non-fading).
  • Can be used in almost all clear mediums.
  • Available in various sizes (fine, medium & large). Larger pigments give more sparkle and less colour. 


Cosmetic Diamond Pearlescent Pigments

  • Despite being cosmetic pigments these are widely used in many mediums, including resin, to create sparkle. 
  • Very high quality pigments based on glass.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use (non-fading).

  Colour Shift Pearl Pigments

    • Also known as: Chameleon Pigments, Colour Shift Pigments & Colour Travel Pigments. 
    • Their colour changes as viewing angle changes.
    • Can be used in almost all clear mediums. The colour shift of some products is higher when they are applied over black surfaces and lower when applied over white surfaces. 
    • Not for general cosmetics but can be used in nail products and slime. 


    Thermochromic Pigments

    • These pigments change colour at 31 degrees C. The reversible colour change can take place an unlimited number of times. 5 pigment colours are available.
    • The 1st colour in each pigment name is the colour below 31 degrees C.
    • The 2nd colour in each pigment name is the colour above 31 degrees C.
    • Mix easily into oil based mediums and resins.
    • Not for general cosmetics but can be used in nail products and slime. 

     Photochromic Pigments

    • These powders are basically colourless in interior light or sometimes a very pale colour if the interior light emits a little UV light. As soon as they are subject to Ultra Violet light, such as when exposed to sunlight, then the pigments develop a colour within a few seconds. 
    • The colour change is fast and fuly reversible.
    • Mix easily into almost all clear mediums including resins.
    • Not for general cosmetics but can be used in nail products and slime. 



    Real Metal Pigments

    Aluminium Bright Silver Pigment

    • Gives a bright shimmering silver effect also referred to as a liquid metal effect.
    • Aluminium pigment powder that is perfect for resins and water-based paints.

     Antique Gold Pigment

    • A blend of real copper and zinc powders give this lovely antique gold coloured pigment.
    • Suitable for use in resins, oil-based and water-based mediums.

     Durable Medium Glitter Powders

    • These are not cheap arts and crafts glitter powders. They are non-fading, chemical resistant and heat resistant. This means they can be used in exterior applications and in substances such as paints, resins and plastics. They give a superior sparkle and are suitable for resin art, high quality arts and crafts and industrial applications.
    • Particle size is 0.2mm.

     Arts & Crafts General Glitter Powders

    • Lower Cost, Medium Size Glitter with good sparkle. 
    • Good quality but not as chemical or temperature resistant nor as lightfast as our Durable Glitter Powders. Bronze Glitter Powder
    • Bronze

      0.1mm (fine size), Circular shape

      Silver, Gold & Clear Glitter Powders

      0.2mm (medium size), Hexagonal shape

      Black Glitter Flakes

      1mm (large size), Circular shape

     Holographic glitter

    Glitter Powder that changes sparkle colour with any movement. Sparkle changes between Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Gold and in-between colours. The glitter has an overall silver appearance but generates a multi-colour sparkle effect.

    Fine Holographic Glitter

    • Particle size is 0.1mm.
    • Hexagonal cut (but particles are too small see to their individual shape).
    • High quality, chemical resistant, UV resistant (non-fading), heat resistant glitter used to create a truly unique appearance. Its heat resistant and chemical resistant properties make it suitable for industrial & automotive applications.

    XL to XXL Holographic Glitter

    • Flake size ranges 1mm to 5mm (sizes are always mixed). 
    • Individual flake shapes are stars, circles and hexagons (shapes are always mixed).
    • UV resistant (non-fading) glitter that is suitable for use in resins and for general arts and crafts. 


     Paint Glitter 

    • Paint Glitter has a totally different chemistry to any other glitter. It gets stirred into any colour paint before painting. 
    • Add this glitter to water based paints of any colour and by magic the glitter appears on the dry paint surface to create a sparkle effect not possible with normal glitters.


    XXL Colour Shift Glitter Flakes

     Very large 3mm, hexagonal glitter flakes with excellent metallic lustre. 

    All flakes have hexagonal shape.
    The colour of each flake changes as viewing angle changes. The colour shift is distinct and creates spectacular effects.

    • If the flakes of a colour shift glitter are randomly orientated then all its colours will be visible at all viewing angles. If the flakes predominantly lie flat then the dominant colour will change as the viewing angle changes. Both cases give spectacular effects. 

    While the names indicate the most prominent colour shift colours you should also refer to the pictures. Note, however, that photos do not capture the colour shift or full metallic lustre of these beautiful glitters so when you receive them you will be really impressed. The video below shows the colour shift effect better than still images. 

    Mixed Shape & Size Glitter

    Glitter powders that contain a variety of flake shapes including hearts, stars and circles. 
    Most of these glitter powders have beautiful pale to pastel colours for a sophisticated glitter effect. Their sparkle is not reduced by their lighter colour. 
    Each glitter type has a dominant overall colour but they all give a multi-coloured sparkle.
    J-Series glitters have some fine particles but a high proportion of the glitters are large flakes of 1-3mm.
    L-Series glitters have predominantly fine particles but with some large flakes up to 3mm.
    In both the L and J Series some of the larger 2-3mm flakes have star and heart shapes. The majority of the smaller flakes are circular. 
    Blue: L-Series contains numerous large dolphin shaped glitter flakes.
    Yellow: L-Series contains numerous maple leaf shaped glitter flakes. 

    All these glitters are suitable for use in resin and are widely used in many arts and crafts applications. 

    Mixed Colour & Size Glitter

    Glitter Powders consisting of a blend of colours and sizes.
    The particle size in each mix ranges from very fine (XXS) to 3mm glitter flakes (XXL).The name of each mix indicates the dominant colours in the mix although in some cases small amounts of other colours may be found.
    The dominant particle shape is hexagonal but some circular flakes may be present in some of the glitters. 

    Holographic Snowflake Glitter Flakes

    A highly unique Glitter cut into very large (XXXL) delicate snowflakes. Each Flake is 10mm across.

    Clear glitter flakes that sparkle hues of metallic purple, blue, green, yellow and red.
    The colour of each flake changes as the viewing angle changes and is influenced by the background colour. 

    Bright Neon Pigment Powders

    • 7 vivid colours 
    • For interior use as the colours will fade in sunlight.
    • Fluorescent: These pigments will glow vividly under UV light.
    • Most suitable to mix into oil based mediums e.g. oil based paints. Can be used in resin to give spectacular colours but don't simply stir in. They don't mix into water based mediums. 

      Liquid Paint Colourants

    • These colourants are all Lightfast Pigments suspended in a liquid carrier medium. They are not dyes and are not used for dying fabric (dyes are dissolved compounds, these are pigments).
    • These liquid colourants are fine, dispersed pigments that are added into water based paints to colour them. They are not suitable for addition into oil/solvent based paints and are also not recommended for addiction into resins. (For resin use our Allure Epoxy Resin Liquid Colourants.)
    • Ultra-high concentration. These are about 20 times more concentrated than little bottles of liquid colourants available in hardware stores. Our online shop shows the concentration by mass of each colourant. 
    • In paints the colour will darken as more Liquid Colourant is added. You can achieve bright or deep colours by adding these Liquid Colourants to a clear base paint. Adding these to white paint will result in pastel colours. 


    Allure Epoxy Resin Colourants 

    • These liquid colourants are usually added to epoxy resin after making Part A and B.
    • They are easily mixed into resin and create continuous uniform colour.
    • Pigment colourants that are lightfast (non-fading) and will actually help protect the resin from UV damage.
    • The Allure Epoxy Resin Vibrant Colourant Range includes Black and White, Bright Colours as well as Earthy Colours.