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Privacy, Information Security & POPIA


We will not share any information that you provide us with any other party other than to the courier in order to effect delivery. 

We will not send you any communications (by email, message, phone or other) that you do not request from us unless it is to specifically update you on the status of an order.

We adhere to the requirements of POPIA (South African Information Act 4 of 2013). The requirement of the Act also require that we disclose the following information:

Profile Information

When you create your profile (or request us to do it for you) this website saves your email, telephone numbers and physical address. If the order is for a company we also save the basic company information that you provide. We do not require, receive, store or use other personal information such as ID numbers, age, sex, income etc.  

Your profile information will be used for the sole purpose of processing, communicating and delivery of current and future orders. 


Information provided to the Courier

We use the online system of FastWay Couriers. We thus enter your profile information into the FastWay system so that they can deliver to you and contact you if required. In some cases couriers use 3rd party couriers to delivery to certain areas so your information may be shared between courier companies as part of this chain. We trust that FastWay Couriers and any other courier that may be used are POPIA complaint and will not share your information other than is required to effect delivery. 


Bank Information

Bank details are not given to us and are not saved on our website. Online payments all connect to highly reputable payment gateways (currently we only use PayFast). The payment gateways have high levels of security such as 3-D secure payments (you must receive an OTP from your bank before you can finalise any payment). We do not accept credit card details given to us by phone or email. 

 Occasionally people provide us their banking details when a refund is required. We will not share this information with any other party. 


IP Address

Our website may automatically record the IP address of your computer or mobile device. We do not analyse or use this information in any way but it is standard for almost all online shopping platforms to record this information. Technically this information could be used for re-marketing. We would then supply your IP address and viewed products to Google and pay Google to display adverts to you when you use Google websites such as Chrome or YouTube. Clicking on such adverts would be optional. Currently, however, we do not do this. 



When you place an order online you can select or un-select to receive our Newsletters. The default is "select to receive" so please un-select the relevant box if required. If you email us your order and details you will be automatically selected to receive our Newsletter to your profile email. If you ask us to place your order and don't want the Newsletter please tell us.

Users of our Website who don't place an order can select to receive our Newsletters and provide us their email address. Receivers of our Newsletters can always 'opt out' by following the simple action given in each Newsletter. Please note that each order you place can put you on our Newsletter mailing list if you don't un-select to receive our Newsletters. 


Performance Surveys and Reviews

When you place an order online you will receive an option at the end of the process to receive an email from Google that allows you to review us. This is a totally independent system that we cannot manipulate or influence. If you select to take part (which we hope you will do) then after a few days Google will send you a single email that allows to rate and comment on our performance. 


Information that you request from us

People frequently call, What's App or email us to ask questions or request information. This website also has a page where information can be requested online. Usually an email address and/or contact number is given to us during this process. 

In the event that you request information from us we will endeavour to only send you information that is related to your request. We will not provide information given to us for this purpose to any other party. 



Our website does not download any cookies onto your device. This could change in future if we want to collect information on the products that you show an interest in. If this does happen we will give you the option of downloading cookies. As with your IP address this information could be used for re-marketing advertising. Such adverts will only appear on Google related websites. 


Final Word

Nobody gets more annoyed by unsolicited phone and email marketing than the owner of this company. In his view it has become like a plague. We will not contribute this annoying problem.