Glow in the dark products made in South Africa


·      Apply a single coat of paint, that is almost  invisible, to make surfaces highly reflective.

·      1 litre paints approximately 8m2 and only a single coat is required.

·       Light that strikes the paint is reflected back towards the light source giving the same effect as reflective tape.

·      The reflected light is generally a silver-white colour but in normal light the background colour is visible. 

·      Can be applied to many surface types but for best durability prepare and prime as for normal acrylic paint. It can be painted onto any surface already painted with acrylic paint. 

·     This product works over most colours but is best when painted on white, near white and bright colours. Avoid painting over very dark grey or black colours.

 ·      Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials including reflective particles with very high Refractive Index (ND=2.2) and hard pure acrylic binder. The product is not a road marking paint. It can only be painted onto vehicles, bicycles, helmets etc. if they are primed correctly but it does not offer a high gloss finish that you may require on these surfaces.


·      Reflects light directly back towards the light source in a similar manner to Reflective Tapes. Ideal for visibility with Miners Headlamps and Vehicle Lights.

·      Much cheaper than Reflective Tape. 1 litre paints 8 square meters of surface. You need a few rolls of Reflective Tape to cover 8 square meters.

·      Can cover uneven and odd shaped surfaces much better than Reflective Tape.

·      Non-flammable acrylic paint. Wash up with water. 

  We also supply Reflective Basecoat colours

 ·      We manufacture a range of Bright Colours that are excellent basecoats for Reflective Paint as they are bright colours that stand out during the day. These are optional and you can purchase your basecoat paint elsewhere if you want to.

·      The Basecoat Colours we offer are Bright Yellow, Bright Lime Green, Sky Blue and Brilliant White. 

·       Bright Yellow    Bright Lime Green    Sky Blue   Brilliant White

 The pictures above show our Basecoat colours as it appears during the day. This has been painted over with Reflective Paint so will shine a silver-white colour when a light is shone onto it at night. 

 Additional Safety features can be achieved

 ·      It is possible to use some of our other Special Effect Paints as a Basecoat.

·      Our Reflective Paint can be applied directly over our Glow-in-the-dark Paints to also achieve safety in pitch dark conditions.

·      Our Reflective Paint can be applied directly over our Bright Neon UV Paints (interior only) to also achieve safety in dim light conditions.   

·      Our Reflective Paint can be applied directly over our Yellow/Green Paint to also achieve safety in pitch dark and dim light conditions.