Bastion paint

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Our Reflective Paint range offers a smooth or textured finish in a wide variety of colours. A Reflective Paint product consists of both a base coat and a top coat. 

·       Light that strikes the paint is reflected back towards the light source as with reflective tape.

·      Can be applied to many surface types but for best durability prepare and prime as for normal acrylic paint. It can be painted onto any surface already painted with acrylic paint. 

Our Reflective Paints are for application onto walls, trees, rocks etc. They are not for application onto vehicles, helmets etc. They are not road marking paints.


Additional Safety features can be achieved

·   We have a Glow-in-the-dark Reflective Paint that reflects light and glows green when no light is present. 

·  We have Bright Neon coloured Reflective Paints. They reflect light and the bright neon colour is visible in normal light and dim light conditions adding a safety feature in these conditions.