Glow in the dark products made in South Africa



14 colours made in South Africa

Non-fading for Interior and Exterior applications

Low PVC, Medium Sheen

Medium Bodied

Pure Acrylic

Low shrinkage on drying and low dried in stress

High crack resistance

Excellent balance of hardness and flexibility

We also supply the following related products:

Flow Control for Acrylic Pouring/Flow Art

Surfactant for Marbling

Medium Acrylic Paste

Clear Top Coat/Glazecoat and Pearl Top Coat

  • Pearls have a unique iridescent lustre. The translucent nature of our Pearl Top Coat creates this unique appearance.
  • A small amount of our Liquid Tints can be added to our Pearl Top Coat to create different coloured pearl effects. 

Paint Thickener

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